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Our Kansas Blend Twister F5 is the bold, full bodied version of our Kansas Blend Twister. Every Twister features a Connecticut Shade and Ecuadorian dark wrapper, creating a barber pole effect. The F5 goes a step further flavor wise and in detail because it is finished with a “rough foot,” meaning the foot is left unwrapped. It’s our opportunity to taste the filler and binder without the wrapper allowing you to experience how the cigar changes as you hit the two different wrappers. In this case, the wrappers add body and round out the overall flavor of the F5.

Our Kansas Blend is our homage to Sarah’s family history in Kansas which dates back to the mid to late 1800s when they settled the family farm in Mount Hope, Kansas.

Fun Fact: Kansas Blend is our top selling cigar!


Connecticut Shade & Ecuadorian Dark




Dominican Ligero, Honduran Seco, Dominican Seco

  • Kansas Blend – Twister F5 (Torpedo) – Box of 20