Welcome to Vato Cigars

Vato Cigars is owned and operated by Sarah and Paul Vato.

Greetings and welcome to VatoCigars.com! We are are Paul and Sarah Vato and we make cigars that we love.

It all began when Paul started selling cigars in the early 90s from his ice cream shop in Geneva, Illinois. Eventually, we met in Hollywood, fell in love and began creating our unique blends. Sarah taught herself how to roll cigars and we soon had a chance to come to Binion’s Casino in Las Vegas to open Vato Cigars. We are so proud to be known for our welcoming atmosphere, friendly service and our delicious handmade cigars. Our cigars are lovingly made in the United States of America!

We hope our cigars add to your family celebrations, time with good friends and any moment in time that is special to you, even if it is just getting off work for the day.

Enjoy and thank you for shopping with us and supporting a small business. Be sure to visit us in Las Vegas at Vato Cigars!


Paul and Sarah Vato

Located inside Binion’s Casino and on Fremont St

Great place to stop in to pickup a unique cigar. Great customer service & selection. Love the giant cigars for purchase! Next time when I have room in the suitcase. 🙂

Don Nelson

In town for the big smoke and took the cigar crawl. Was a highlight of our trip. Sara and Paul were excellent host. The information and experiences were great. If you are in town and don't take the crawl you are a fool.

Ian Duncan

Great owners, great cigars, great place, very good people.

Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi

If you are ever in Vegas and have an interest in cigars and downtown Vegas history, be sure to check out Paul Vato's cigar crawl. Cigars, Vegas history, and just plain fun, mixed in with great people equals a great time. Thanks, Paul!

Jay Ringgenberg